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What is Scalar Wave Laser and What is ATP (LIGHT energy) in the cells?

The Scalar Wave Laser is a remarkable anti-aging, pain management, and healing laser that works at the cellular level to donate photonic energy,  or ATP (Light energy) while promoting anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. It gently and effectively unwinds stress, tension, and old holding patterns while clearing cellular memory to strengthen the ATP Light energy in the cell’s nucleus and support cellular healing.

Cold Laser Therapy

We offer the most affordable quantum laser treatments at a fraction of the cost while offering powerful results!

What is Cold Laser Therapy (or LLLT) and Who uses it?

Cold Laser Therapy is the technology used in the Scalar Wave Laser and it’s completely revolutionizing the way we approach holistic health care, pain relief, rehabilitation, anti-aging, skin, wound care, arthritis, muscle relaxation, and systems balancing. Cold Laser Therapy, (or Low-Level Laser Therapy), is at the leading-edge of complementary healthcare, sports, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, naturopathic,  veterinary and western medicine.

Bathe in the Neutral Energy of the Universe

Trained as industrial designers we have a deep-rooted belief in rational function and sustainable aesthetics. Our methodical approach is focused on revealing the essence of each design challenge to allow us to create holistic and durable solutions.

Key to health and well-being is having the nervous system relaxed and at ease so that it can function unimpeded. With a few good tools and some dedicated practice, each of us can learn to unwind polarity and relax into the neutral energy of the universe.

The neutral essence that holds all things permeates all things, and weaves all things into being, from galaxies and stars to planets and people.

In the ancient yogic tradition, the “space between breaths” is where the alchemy of transformation takes place. It is also space—and the experience—that we have come to call Stillpoint.

Resting in the space between our last thought and our next one, between our last action and our next one, between our past and our future, an auspicious opening occurs. Within this opening, more energy begins to flow, nourishing the physical body and activating the subtle body.

Thoughts and emotions soften and disperse, inviting our natural condition of relaxation, ease, and harmony. The heart opens, increasing our ability to experience peace, passion, happiness, and joy.

There is a shift that takes place – a reversal of attention and energy from an outward orientation to an inward orientation, sending it inward to heal and refresh.

Unwinding affect on Red Blood Cells

Pleomorphic Somatitidian Life Cycle

The Scalar Wave Laser Protocols and Uses are based on a regenerative principle of wellness.  The pleomorphic model, blood is viewed as living (not sterile like the western model) and the goal is to return the blood to a non-pathogenetic state.   Our goal is not to destroy the germ or pathogen, but rather we seek to unwind the terrain by vasodilating the blood cells and return the somatid to a non-toxic state.  The somatid is the smallest unit of life energy   These are the little points of light which can be seen when viewing blood under a dark field microscope.  These points of light have been described as indestructible and eternal and what pleomorphic medicine calls somatids.

The Somalian life cycle has been mapped out using very high powered microscopes and can be viewed, as in either regenerative states or degenerative states.  In the latter, the somatids actually cycle through different organismic phases, which become the germs which the germ theory tries to destroy.  Once again, our aim is to return these point of light to a non-pathogenic state of energy.  When in this state there is optimal health and an eternal state of well being.

Unwinding with Lasers

Taking a deep sigh shortly after the laser is placed on or near your body often induces a deeper state of equipoise and connection to your nervous system.  This unwinding effect connects to our heart, brain, organs and glands and tissue throughout the body, as the nervous system is a central operating system for the body.

The nervous system is a doorway to this relaxed space of perfect equipoise.  The more you train your system to relax, unwind, and drop in, the more your glands and system respond to this state and relax or unwind deeper… tapping into a vast reservoir of healing potential and abundance of energy.

Studies of healers who regularly access the state of deep relaxation and unwinding have found that they have much higher levels of nitric oxide in their bodies. In 1998, the Nobel Prize was awarded to three scientists for their breakthrough discoveries in the crucial role that nitric oxide plays in the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Nitric oxide has been called a miracle molecule as it.

Relaxing and Unwinding at the Cellular Level

Hemoglobin is a bimolecular that can bind oxygen and acts as a carrier in Red Blood Cells and carries oxygen to the cells.  Nitric Oxide is the ingredient inside Hemoglobin which can carry up to 4 oxygen molecules, allowing up to 70% more oxygen infusion into the respiratory system and ultimately into the cells of the lungs. Nitric Oxide is key in creating an abundance of oxygen made available to the respiratory system.

Red Blood Cell Analysis under a Dark Field Microscope

After unwinding with the scalar Laser Blood cells show high in oxygen by circles

Package & Pricing

In Office Packages

  • Package 1: 1 hr Package of Quantum Therapy/Laser Healing $89.00 (1 Office Credit)
  • Package 2: 2 hr Package Quantum Thearpy Healing $79.00 (2 Office Credits)
  • Package 3: 3 hr Package Quantum Thearapy Healing $74.00 (3 Office Credits)
  • Package 4: 30 minutes of a Quantum Tune up $49.00 (1/2 Office Credit)

Home Packages

  • Package 5: 1 hr Onsite on your time $150.00 (1 Credit)
  • Package 6: 2 hr Onsite on your time $275.00 (2 Credits)
  • Package 7: 3 hr Onsite on your time $400.00 (3 Credits)
  • Package 8: 4 hr Onsite on your time $525.00 (4 Credits)
  • Package 9: 10 hr Onsite on your time $1200.00 (10 Credits)

Customer Testimonials


J. Mack S

My son Jackson damaged his knee so severely it required surgery. He followed the rehab process faithfully. His surgeon explained it would never be like before and his pain and limited range of motion would be permanent. He discovered Scalar Wave laser and treated his knee for a month. He is now pain free and has complete range of motion.

Julie R

My husband has had ongoing foot infections (off and on) since he was in Desert Storm. With ten days of Scalar Wave therapy to his feet, the condition was completely resolved. This was a real "SEE THE DIFFERENCE" change. I was diagnosed with a multi-nodular goiter and hypothyroidism. My doctor prescribed thyroid replacement so I could get of bed and combat depression and obesity. After using the laser, I now have normal thyroid functions test results, no depression, and much more energy and have enjoyed significant weight loss.

J. Schumacher, OR

We are very impressed with the effectiveness of the Scalar Wave laser. We used this with one of our clients who is 82 years old and has had a total knee replacement. She is considering having her other knee done too. She is unable to get a good nights sleep as she wakes up frequently due to the pain in her knees. After one treatment to her knees and the unwinding protocol she slept through the whole night  without waking up with pain. We are excited about the Scalar Wave Laser. Thanks!"

Peter & Bambi

About a year ago I was having problems with my lower back and legs, caused by a narrowing of the spinal canal. Affecting the L4 & 5 spinal vertebras, causing the nerves specifically the sciatic nerve, to be pinched, causing at times various levels pain and disability in my legs and lower back. I was prescribed several medications ranging from morphine, codeine, and many other pharmaceuticals to little success. I was introduced to the Scalar Wave Laser, in October 2009. Since then I have been able to eliminate the need for these pharmaceuticals. The Scalar Wave Laser has reduced my discomfort; I have a greater range of motion, greater physical peace, and the ability for better rest, to a better way of life. Thank you Paul & Lillie.

Barbara F

I have a friend who tried the laser while visiting us. He had an old sports injury that had caused him pain daily for 20 years. After about 1 hour on the laser he has been pain free.

Dianne P

The second time I was exposed to the laser I had a wonderful result with hip pain that I had in my right hip for over three years. It felt great to finally be free of this pain, as it had affected my sleep, my endurance, my mood, and my overall well being. I continue to use the laser for my family and myself, and also in my practice. One of the things I really like about this laser is the transportability. I throw it in my purse like a cell phone, and use it and share it wherever I go. I did a 60-mile walk with 150 other women this summer-I carried my laser with me and used it all along the way. I credit the laser for my being able to finish the walk in a healthier state than I would have without it.


I am so very happy to share my experience with the Scalar Wave Cold Laser. I am a massage therapist & have many clients that massage helped somewhat but with the laser I am seeing great progress. Here are but a few awesome true stories. One man had a nerve pinched in his elbow joint & was scheduled for surgery - the surgeons office was not responding to his calls & he was getting frustrated as he was in pain daily & rapidly losing strength in that arm/hand. I received the laser & after the very first session he called me that night & said he'd had no pain that day & the strength was renewed. He was blown away & so was I. I had also done an unwind protocol on his wife & she was in shock because the fist size spasm in her buttock area was released. One woman's hearing in her left ear was so bad she couldn't use that side to talk on the phone - after one session - her hearing is restored. On & on - I have found great success in 90% of the people - after 1-3 sessions. I was hesitant to purchase this at first because it is a big expense for me (although comparatively, it is very inexpensive!)- but worth every cent because it has helped so many people - its the best investment ever!

Quantum World Therapy

Imagine healing faster than ever before, while infusing your body with Universal light (photons) and energy, erasing aches, pain, and illness, that may have been lingering for weeks, months, years and even decades.

Cellular Regeneration, Organ, Gland & Chakra Balancing

Cold Laser Pain Relief, Stress Relief - & Adrenal Rejuvenation