Terms & conditions

Visits will be a Minimum/Maximum of 1 hr per person, per visit, unless availability from your laser specialist.
Please Note! New Customer requirements for Onsite on Your Time:
All orders for home or work visits are based on a 2-hour minimum purchase. (Includes 2 Credits)
Our Quantum laser specialists are professional and here to offer the best care possible. We are happy to work around your schedule. If it’s not possible to make it to our office then try out our onsite on your time programs. In today’s fast-paced society, there isn’t always time to drop everything and run to a naturalpatic office for whatever onset you have. This is why we set our selves apart from the rest of the healing world. We want you to be back standing strong as soon as possible. Everything we do to assist in your health needs can’t always be done in one visit but I can guarantee you, we will do our best. Your health is our #1 priority and that is something you can count on.

So far we can only offer our services within 25 miles of zip code 46033
We will also offer a natural health list for your personal ordering of our product lines.

In the near future, we will be adding onsite on your time.


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